• Humanity and the world we all share is suffering in a time of darkness.

    Things have gotten worse and worse over the last few years and it's time for change. 


    Our world has become filled with far too many things such as abuse, poverty, anxiety, suffering, greed, pessimism, gluttony, negativity, violence, racism, and hatred among others. 


    It’s time to swing the pendulum back in the direction of hope, positivity and love!

  • Create a Positive Change movement for all of us and recruit inspiring  leaders to light the way for social change.

    Our stories are what connect us all. You, me, and everyone else are a product of our life’s experiences, no matter who we are or where we come from. These unique stories bring us closer to one another because we are all in this together and need to do our part, no matter how tiny it may seem. We ALL make a difference!


    By collecting and sharing video stories of those who spark change, we inspire the change needed by all of us. Together, we can set an example for future generations to take individual responsibility for the world we are leaving behind.


    Through these beautiful connections we become inspired to all Spark Change!

  • Are you ready to make the world a better place?

    Join our global community today and share your stories of social impact.


    Inspire others and be inspired in the spirit of positive change.


    Click below to begin the journey. 

  • Share your story to recognize your impact, to further ignite change.

    Most leaders like you don't often seek or receive recognition for their efforts.


    Your story deserves to be told. 


    The journey you are on has a greater impact than you may realize as an individual. Join our tribe of social leaders who are spearheading change from all over the world. 

After the death of her mentor, Allison suffered through a challenging breakdown in her life. When she channeled her energy into honoring his memory, she launched a leadership program which helped transform hundreds of lives. 

As a foster care youth raised in East Los Angeles, Andrew F. Carter became a product of his rough environment.  After he was released from prison, his children introduced him to a way to reach millions with his golden words of hope.

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